*All of our workshops include experiential, hands on learning and personalized certificate. We are pleased to offer our workshops in PEI at our country home as well as offering off site workshops throughout Canada. Please inquire for more information on organizing a workshop in your area.*

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animal communication &

reiki sessions

Our sessions translate subtle energies, thoughts and emotions into words. Creating a heart to heart connection with animals allows us to reach a higher awareness and understanding, providing solutions and guidance for the highest good of all. My role as a translator and Reiki Master is to improve emotional, mental and physical comfort for your animal; bringing a new level of clarity, certainty and understanding about their own unique needs. Identifying concerns can help avoid future issues and will build a healthy, happy environment for everyone. Telepathic Animal Communication saves time, energy and resources as it is derived directly from the source, the animal!


If your beloved companion lives in the spirit realm, telepathic Animal Communication and Reiki can provide you with a loving and soulful re-connection.

Each session is very unique and sacred, I look forward to sharing this incredible experience with you!


In person and distance sessions available. 

(In person travel fee may apply)

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Animals are naturally very spiritual and renowned for their incredible ability to connect, comfort and heal. The Reiki Master certification for animals is the perfect addition to boost and support animals who are involved in animal assisted health and wellness programs, equine assisted therapies, for service animals and for animals who simply love helping their human companions de-stress after a long day. Animals also require their own method of self-care and educational advancement to stay in balance and ahead of health and wellness standards. This highly beneficial certification is making a remarkable impact on human health and healing. 


With the animal's consent, the certification process provides a specifically designed attunement and connection to a higher state of spiritual energy thereby continually assisting in the clearing, recharging and balancing of both the animal and human psyche.  

Certification includes Reiki treatment, telepathic communication, attunement and healer certificate.

RH Certification: $80/per animal

In person and distance certification available

(special pricing for multiple animals)

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Use this alternative skill on a personal level or with your existing or future business. These workshops will maximize the effectiveness of your current or future services by providing you with tools to create and maintain happy, energetically balanced, emotionally and physically healthy animals. 


Telepathic animal Communication is an ability we ALL have to feel, hear, see and know the energy of animals. The 'clair senses' are skills that we have simply lost touch with in the rush of daily life. We use these skills on a daily basis without even realizing it. Our workshops will help you re-connect and refine these skills with our guidance and practical, hands on instruction.


Animals become accustom to sensing, reading, giving and receiving personal "vibration". Once they sense a willingness that information will be received, they tune in to share their thoughts, feelings and needs. This practice is very efficient for identifying issues, providing clarity and relevance as the information comes straight form the source, the animal. Combine one of our Animal Communication workshops with our Animal Reiki healing workshops and provide a well rounded holistic support system for emotional, mental and physical animal health. 

Telepathic Animal Communication workshops promote deep, soulful relationships with animals, helping to reveal information that contributes to their personality, behavior, physical health and what they require for a balanced life. Animal Communication and Animal Reiki healing can help release traumatic emotions and memories, guiding animals to make important transitions and achieve success moving forward in their life's mission (soul purpose).

“I worry about what the animal may say.”

Often people are concerned about what the animal might express. Animals carry extraordinary unconditional gratitude for people they connect with. They are happy to communicate their needs and experiences, expressing themselves with clarity and a sense of relief.

Stay ahead of social and industry standards with our unique and meaningful workshops.

All workshops include experiential, hands on training.

Telepathic Animal Communication (TAC) Certificate included.


Workshops available for booking throughout Canada

(Please inquire for details)

Workshop Dates: To be Announced

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We offer personalized Reiki sessions and certification workshops. Reiki,"rei" representing (universal) and "ki" representing (life force energy). Reiki is an energy healing practice that is done by placing the hands in a series of positions over or slightly above the body. Reiki promotes healing by activating the relaxation response and helping the body to balance itself from a very deep level. Reiki allows positive energy to flow into and around the body through the hands of the practitioner. Reiki has been scientifically shown to decrease pain levels, speed healing and relax the mind and body. Come and experience what Reiki has to offer. Workshops include hands on training, manual, attunement and personalized certificate.


In person and distance sessions available

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Level 1 Reiki/$80

Level 2 Reiki/$140

Level 3 Reiki/$225

Workshop Dates: To be Announced

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