"I had the pleasure of hosting Ilsa at my farm in Ontario and was able to have her do a communication session with my horse. The things that Ilsa picked up from my horse and was able to tell me was nothing short of mind blowing. She hit the nail on the head with uncovering some of my horses anxiety and gave me some strategies to apply in moving forward which I have been able to practice in the weeks since she was here and everything is falling into place. Ilsa's reading of my horse moved me literally to tears and everything that came out in the session has been applicable to our ongoing learning. Thank you Ilsa, for being my horses voice"

Kendra Batek, Owner, Maple Crescent Farm, Ontario

"Ilsa is a patient and kind instructor. She allows you to explore animal communication at a comfortable pace while always encouraging you to push a little bit further. As someone who has never done animal communication before I was worried about what I should be able to see/hear/feel, but once Ilsa started explaining what I was going to be doing all of those worries disappeared and were replaced by the excitement of what she was introducing me to. I would highly recommend Animal Communication to anyone interested, and there is no instructor that is more knowledgeable and patient than Ilsa."


Amanda Wilson, Prince Edward Island

"I’m not going to lie I was a bit of a skeptic. How is Reiki going to work we are in two different provinces?? What’s it going to do?? Do I even need this!! However because it was Ilsa I did agree to try it despite feeling skeptical.  Boys oh boys am I ever glad I did, what a phenomenal experience!!  I most definitely needed it, it released the huge weight I had on my shoulders for months instantly, not only that in the coming days it was like I was so rejuvenated and ready for anything coming my way no matter how good, bad or indifferent! So if you are looking for that something different but guaranteed to positively effect your daily energy, where I have personally had this experience Ilsa is the best at what she does & I highly recommend her."

Rachael Dent-Flynn, Owner, FLAR Equine Experience, Nova Scotia

"I had my very first Reiki treatment with Ilsa - such a positive experience!! Ilsa is a very calm, centered, nurturing woman & she passes that positive, loving energy on to you.....I could feel some long held anxiety & pain just slipping away & an hour or so after treatment I enjoyed an unprecedented 4 hour nap, awakening more refreshed & energized than I have in ages.....I have highly recommended Ilsa to my family, friends & co-workers & look forward to future treatments......thank you Ilsa....."

Wendy Eisan, Prince Edward Island

"The first horse I owned & myself were having issues. I really wasn’t sure how to help our relationship.  I haven’t grown up around horses so how to train or listen to them is all still new to me.  So where I know how amazing Ilsa is with reading animals I wanted to give it a try!  I was a bit nervous to hear what my horse was saying, was it him, was it something I was doing and many other questions! I am so grateful that I took the opportunity to listen to this communication. Since the animal reading, I have been able to truly listen to my horse and what he is saying to the point where our relationship has started to take a positive shift! It is work, and it's just starting so it is rocking. However with Ilsa’s genuine, caring professionalism and compassion along with knowledge I would recommend her services to absolutely anyone!!"


Rachael Dent-Flynn, Owner, FLAR Equine Experience, Nova Scotia

"Ilsa’s ability to explain each card with detail was wonderful, I again wasn’t sure if the cards would reflect my life at all.  Well this experience opened my eyes 100% as each card she pulled reflected my life right from a young age to some of the struggles I was currently thinking about & working through. I am a private person so there is no way this information could have been found anywhere. Especially a few cards that were pulled in regards to my past as it isn’t something I had told many people at all!! Still till this day I’m in a bit of positive shock, it was so accurate & I often go back to our conversation to remind myself! If you are looking for a reading that can rock your soul positively I most definitely recommend Ilsa."

Rachael Dent-Flynn, Owner, FLAR Equine Experience, Nova Scotia

"I contacted Ilsa after the recent and sudden loss of my beloved horse. Ilsa was kind and compassionate in her approach, she was flexible and worked hard to accommodate my schedule. During our reading Ilsa didn't rush and took her time to answer all of my questions; she was respectful of my emotions and accurately described some of the things that were going on with my horse before he died. Ilsa continued our conversation on email as messages and information came to her. This was a positive experience that I would recommend."

Stephanie Boyles , Ottawa, Ontario

Ilsa kindly came to check out a saddle that had been given to me. She came to fit the saddle, BUT she also gave us a whole crash course on saddle fitting. She was super informative and answered all of my questions, even for the next couple days through Facebook. She definitely knows her way around a saddle, and her main priority is to keep the horse comfortable and happy. Happy horses make happy riders. It was a super informative and fun session. I would highly recommend Ilsa to help with saddle fitting needs.

Jennie Perch , Prince Edward Island

inspire - achieve - succeed

~ A leader doesn't seek followers, a leader seeks to inspire future leaders ~   
"Beneath all those things you have experienced, there lies yourself. Your greatest act of courage is to be and own all that you are. What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies WITHIN us." 
Namaste ~  Ilsa