Little Gypsy Ranch

A Truly Unique Experience 

for animals and people 

Welcome to Little Gypsy Ranch, a place of connection and higher learning for both animals and people. We provide a sacred space where forging new paths and reconnecting with your intuition and unique energy are encouraged and celebrated. Connecting with animals is beneficial for all and no experience is necessary. We offer Telepathic Animal Communication, Reiki, Spiritual Alignment Connection (SAC), Past Life Experiences, Mediumship, Manifesting and Developing Intuition workshops, certifications and sessions.

We are centrally located in the beautiful and scenic hills of Bonshaw, Prince Edward Island. Come enjoy the breath taking views of the Little Gypsy Ranch forest and field acreage. Nearby are miles of beautiful and peaceful trails, heritage roads and streams awaiting discovery.

about me

When I was young, I always felt a strong connection to nature and animals. I would spend my time dreaming about becoming a veterinarian, a marine biologist or owning a little ranch and riding horses sharing my time, love and energy figuring out what makes animals happy. Little did I know then, it was the animals that would help me find my true calling in life. I have always been sensitive to energy, some would say I was simply too sensitive. It was through the time I shared with animals that I came to understand and embrace the sensitivity as energy and thus began my journey.

Animals always had a special way of 'speaking' to me. The more I began to open up to the energy that surrounded me, the more I realized that my sensitivity was actually a form of deep connection and communication.  As my awareness developed, my 'clair senses' increased and I began to receive immense amounts of information from animals I worked with. It felt like a bizarre and exciting dream come true; it was comfortable, natural and it felt like home. To this day I am continually impressed by the deep level of communication, connection and learning each Animal Communication session provides for both the animal and their human companion.

My Telepathic Animal Communication, energy and teaching skills have been built from a combination of direct experience, certifications, courses, workshops and clinics. I have been fortunate enough to work with various Master Instructors in a wide variety of educational fields receiving a high caliber of education. These instructors and teachers include Animal Communicators, Reiki Masters, Mediums, Psychics, Intuitives, Empaths, Equine Assisted learning and therapy instructors, Horse Trainers and writers in the field of psychology. Through the process of learning and personal growth, I have reached a level of clarity and understanding that is deeply rooted in love and respect for self. With these tools, skills and knowledge I am able to help others to lean and develop their own natural intuitive, telepathic animal communication and energy skills. My transformative and educational journey continues daily with teaching and practicing all of the skills I have acquired over the years; I live honestly and unapologetically as exactly who you meet in person. 

Our humble acreage and home is a place of connection, acceptance, understanding, learning, growth. A place to dispel illusion, shift consciousness and to raise personal vibration.​ Animals have a unique perspective on life; through our workshops and courses, I am able to deeply connect animals and people creating life changing experiences.

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